Impec offers a wide range of tailored services for the needs of French, Italian and Polish SMEs. Thanks to high skilled and experienced team, our company is able to provide services to demanding enterprise which want to develop his business in one of this three countries.

The company does not offer standardized services. Each project assigned to Impec are managed individually, therefore we always pay particular attention to the specific needs of each customer.

Search for potential business partners is the core of our activity. Using the extensive network of our business relations we concentrate on services like: seeking out potential business partners, supporting the customer during negotiations, mediate during meetings, help in legal and tax issue.

Main objectives of our company is to examine the needs of our clients as much as possible, everything to provide adequate services on the preferable condition. Cooperation can be developed on medium or long-term relation, as a investment projects, or experience exchanges.

Contact Us: ul. Głogowska 22, 85-381 Bydgoszcz,, +48 52 5214393